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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Why I wrote "Everybody Gotta Piece of Me"

When people ask me why I wrote this book, all I can say is that the time was right. Fifty years is a long time to live on this earth and give nothing back. I lack the financial riches to enhance the quality of people’s lives or the academic arena to educate, but what I do have to give back is wisdom and informal knowledge on how to survive in a world where color makes no difference, money has no meaning and laws are arbitrarily enforced.

The world I speak of is a world that locks up your soul, heart and mind after you have been violated morally, socially and physically time and time again, by those who society has pick as the pillars of a righteous and Godlike in their society.

Up until about the age of thirty, I thought that I was a terrible person who had sinned horribly and this is why bad things happened to me. My negative feeling were reinforced by religious leaders of virtually every faith when I went in search of answers for so many questions that I had. Most of them told me that I was not a sinner, but that the things I was doing was bad in the eyes of God. Of course, these statements were always supported by scriptures from the bible. I had been treated this way all my life--as a child I was told that I was a sinner, my grand mother told me that I was the devil, and she treated me like she believed it; my mother used to wake me up at night and tell me that God told her that I did certain things, which was never the truth. I often wondered as a child how God could make such mistakes? I almost got raped by my sister’s husband--a minister--and virtually everyone who inflicted abuse on me as a child, as even as an adult, was a God-fearing Christian.

I guess if I had to come up with a reason why I wrote this book, it would be because the time was right. I had had enough! I had endured enough! I had suffered enough! The results of pain are like death--no matter how hard you try, it lasts forever. And though you may not always feel the pain itself, the scars are always there to remind you of your abusers.

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  • At 9:56 PM, Blogger Shari said…

    Hi my name is Shari and i am the president of Brand New Woman book club. One of my members, Robyn, states that she knows you personally and has suggested that we read your book for our next book discussion. I was doing some research on the book and was surprised to see that it was a true story. Without these events in your life, this book wouldnt have been in existance and we thank you for having the courage to want to share this with your readers.
    we woudl like to extend an invitation to you to join us in our next book club discussion of this book on October 18th 2009. When i first started BNW i wnated to organize women to create a unity amongst a fellowship of women. through this book club i also wanted to be able to empower them through our discussions and for us to learn from one another. thank you for your story and may God Bless You! Cant wait to read your book.
    BNW Book Club.

  • At 9:57 PM, Blogger Shari said…

    Hi Audrey, my name is Shari Hudson and i am the President of Brand New Woman book club. One of my members, Robyn, who poersonally knows you has suggested that we read your book. I was looking up this book and came upon your website. This book seems to hol;d a powerful message that everyone needs to hear. When i started Brand New Woman it was my purpose to not only organize a gruop of women to stand on one common ground, but to empower the the best way i could, which is through our discussions and learning from one another. I cant wait to read this book and i hope that we can invite you to our book discussion on October 18th 2009. Thank you for your story and God bless you!


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